How to Pay

Bank Deposit or Transfer

You may pay cash into our bank account details stated below:

Pay to 
Account Name: Raonil Computer Tech
Account No: 1612267015
Bank: FCMB

While making your payment, kindly state the depositor's name as the same name on our records and place the invoice number(s) or domain name(s) These details would assist us in tracing your payment quickly and easily.

Once payment has been made, send us an email at providing the name of the depositor, slip number, date of payment, amount paid and your requested domain name (Please ensure that you have placed your order), and invoice number of the order.

Note that your account would be activated immediately your payment has been confirmed (within 24 hours)

Online Card Payment

You may make payment with your Naira MasterCard, Visa or Verve card using the QuickTeller payment module by following the procedure below:

  • View your invoice on your browser. To do this, login to your clientarea and click on the View Invoice button beside the invoice you would like to pay for.
  • Choose any of the online card service payment ( Online Payment Processor (VoguePay)  from the drop down at the top right of your browser window and click on the appeared button to start processing your payment.
  • Choose the payment option you would prefer and complete your payment
  • Your order would be activated immediately your payment is successful

You may also choose the ( Online Payment Processor (VoguePay )payment option while placing your order.

If your order is not activated immediately after a successful transaction or if you have any issues making payments, kindly send us a mail at and include the transaction reference number of your transaction in your mail.

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